Press Clipping
Premiere: Marcaux - "Namaste"

We’re super excited to premiere the fresh new single “Namaste” from rising NYC artist Marcaux, fka Just B. Polo. Currently kicking it in New York, Marcaux is a rapper/producer who writes and produces his own music, creating a dope style with quick spitfire sequences and fiery intensity. The track is the second single off Marcaux’s upcoming EP Hypocrite, which will be out later this Fall. If it’s any indication for how the rest of his songs will sound, we’re definitely looking forward to that release. Check out what he had to say about this one and click play below.

Marcaux on “Namaste”:
“I was 19 when I wrote it and definitely in my “college hippie” phase. Everything I was writing was either conscious OR party, never both at the same time. I just remember messing around with the pun on the hook and thinking ‘why not say some conscious stuff on the verse’, also, a little humor never killed anyone (I hope).”