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HOMEGROWN (Orlando Edition) Event Recap

Arriving at the event, I had no idea what to expect. The lineup was all new to me, except for Casper who I saw almost a year ago when he opened for Curresny. I got to a pretty much desolate venue at 7’oclock. I was afraid the show might look like this the whole night at first, but then I remembered that I’ve seen shows at the Backbooth go from 5 people in the room to me having a few inches of free space.

Around 8:30pm, the people started pouring in. The crowd had assembled into a modest blob in front of the stage for Just B Polo, who had just got in from SXSW. He was exhausted, but despite that he played one of my favorite sets of the night. Hippi Hooligans were up next, one strutting a red jump suit and another in a green parka. The Backbooth is always kept super hot, so they eventually lost their jackets. After them were the dudes that I met before the show, Mr. Mico Himself, One Will, and their friend who was there with them. At this point, the modest crowd kinda retreated a bit for their set (crowd work is hard), but at the end they threw a banger that brought everyone closer to the stage.

Mistuh Oakley took stage next in a tee that said “fuck Donald”. He gave a pretty good performance to a crowd that was getting increasingly bigger. 98 KB jumped on next in very vibrant light up shoes. They told us that they quit school, their jobs, all to pursue music fulltime, I respected that a lot. Donny Blanks from Swamp Posse was next. I had listened to Swamp Posse before, but never Donny Blanks. He was probably the most standout performer with very slow, crawling flows that couldn’t help but draw comparisons to early Tyler The Creator (but not actual lyrical content wise, just flow).

By time Ca$per got on the mic, the crowd was packed. It felt like Ca$per was the headliner, even though there weren’t really any headliners for a show like this. The crowd all seemed to know his lyrics (including me), and at this point was probably the peak levels of turnt the crowd would hit for the night. The event ended right at the peak with no time to dial down so the crowd knew and felt the show was over. That very well could be a good thing though, I’m not quite sure. All I know is, I’m ready for the next one..